Aunt Crabby has been exceedingly miffed…

Your Dear Aunt Crabby

Your Dear Aunt Crabby

Your dear Aunt Crabby has been exceedingly miffed that was not updated in quite a while and “tactfully” expressed same to the Editors. They told your dear Auntie what she could do.

No, they didn’t say what you’re thinking, you gutter minds! They said, “OK, if you’re so concerned about, why don’t you do something about it? We’ve got other things to do.”

So, now that I’m the defacto boss around here, things are going to be different. For one thing, instead of my page being somewhere down in the deep recesses of this dump, I’m moving into the front page.

Now, the best thing ever about this whole site, in my humble opinion, was Aunt Crabby’s Message Board. It was great to hear all the griping from the unfortunates who had their web sites or graphics ripped off by some lazy #$&$%$%#’s. Your dear Aunt got a chance to use her razor wit and maybe actually helped to stem the tide of rampant web site theft at the same time.

Now, your Auntie has never been one to stay mired in the past, so, since the new wave of self expression on the net seems to be “blogs”, your Dear Aunt Crabby is now blogging instead of running a message board. If you want to write a letter to Dear Aunt Crabby, just trundle over to the contact form, make your x’s and come on back here and improve your mind. If you’re lucky, Aunt Crabby will publish your letter and her insightful (inciteful?) answer here.

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    Thank you to the astute readers who recognize the exceptional style and wit displayed in your dear Aunt Crabby’s posts.

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