Aunt Crabby has been exceedingly miffed…

Your Dear Aunt Crabby

Your Dear Aunt Crabby

Your dear Aunt Crabby has been exceedingly miffed that was not updated in quite a while and “tactfully” expressed same to the Editors. They told your dear Auntie what she could do.

No, they didn’t say what you’re thinking, you gutter minds! They said, “OK, if you’re so concerned about, why don’t you do something about it? We’ve got other things to do.”

So, now that I’m the defacto boss around here, things are going to be different. For one thing, instead of my page being somewhere down in the deep recesses of this dump, I’m moving into the front page.

Now, the best thing ever about this whole site, in my humble opinion, was Aunt Crabby’s Message Board. It was great to hear all the griping from the unfortunates who had their web sites or graphics ripped off by some lazy #$&$%$%#’s. Your dear Aunt got a chance to use her razor wit and maybe actually helped to stem the tide of rampant web site theft at the same time.

Now, your Auntie has never been one to stay mired in the past, so, since the new wave of self expression on the net seems to be “blogs”, your Dear Aunt Crabby is now blogging instead of running a message board. If you want to write a letter to Dear Aunt Crabby, just trundle over to the contact form, make your x’s and come on back here and improve your mind. If you’re lucky, Aunt Crabby will publish your letter and her insightful (inciteful?) answer here.

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S.912 Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013

To allow multichannel video programming distributors to provide video programming to subscribers on an a la carte basis, and for other purposes.
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NDSR Digital Content Immersion Workshop

The following is a guest post by Lyssette Vazquez-Rodriguez, Program Support Assistant & Valeria Pina, Communications Assistant

This is the second part of a three part series of posts about the 2013-2014 NDSR class, read the first part here.

The Residents in front of the U.S. Capitol. Photo credit: Ali Fazal.

As part of the nine-month National Digital Stewardship Residency program, the residents recently completed their two – week digital content immersion workshop. Topics discussed included an overview of the digital landscape, how to identify and select potential digital content, and the levels of protection required for digital content, among others.

Mary Molinaro, Associate Dean for Library Technologies at the University of Kentucky Libraries, offered the workshop covering the overview of the digital landscape and the selection and review of digital content.  In her workshop, she reviewed the process of identifying and selecting content that needs to be preserved to create an inventory.  As part of the workshop, the residents were able to research and compare tools used for a variety of purposes in the digital stewardship and preservation lifecycle.

The workshop “Assess and Describe Digital Collections” was well received by the residents. Carlos Martinez, Information Technology Data Specialist at the Library of Congress, was a topical instructor in this workshop. He explained how it is crucial for digital stewards to be aware of the main characteristics of files and formats that need to be addressed when preservation initiatives are discussed and implemented. During the workshop, the residents were asked to explain how they would approach tackling metadata management issues and primary issues in building and maintaining a digital preservation infrastructure.

When asked to evaluate the workshops, the residents agreed that they were impressed with the engaging approach to digital preservation’s more abstract disciplines such as computer science. Having just finished their graduate degrees, they had the opportunity to refresh theory learned in library school. They agreed on the importance of learning how to use digital preservation tools on test data to complement the theory learned in graduate school.

Now that the immersion workshop is over, the residents will go to their host institutions and start working on their projects. In the next few weeks, we will bring you an update on the progress of their projects. Good luck to the NDSR inaugural class!


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71 Digital Portals to State History

A recent NDIIPP intern, Ingrid Jernudd, did some research into current web resources that provide digital access to a broad array of primary source materials at the state level. She prepared a list of sites that billed themselves as general-interest portals to historical resources. Although the list is likely incomplete, I was surprised she found so many.

It is worth bearing in mind also that the list, with one exception, does not include local or municipal websites (the one exception is the Denver Public Library; its Western History and Genealogy site is included because it has resources that extend beyond Denver proper).

Most of the materials available through these websites are digitized versions of analog items. Many of the sites could, however, accommodate born digital content, as well as serve as useful models for the ongoing development of access to cultural heritage resources.

Ingrid’s findings are presented in the two tables below. Table 1 lists 66 websites that relate to individual states. Table 2 lists five sites that cover multiple states. If you know of resources that are not listed here, please let us know via a comment.

Table 1, State Digital Portals

State Resource Website
AL Alabama Dept. of Archives and History Digital Collections
Alabama Virtual Library
AK Alaska’s Digital Archives
AR Arkansas History Commission
Arkansas State Library Digital Collections
AZ Arizona Memory Project
Arizona Cultural Inventory Project
CA Calisphere
California State Library Online Resources
CO Denver Public Library, Western History and Genealogy
CT Connecticut Digital Collections
DE Delaware Public Archives
FL Florida Memory
GA Digital Library of Georgia
Georgia’s Virtual Vault
HA Hawaii State Archives Digital Collections
IA Iowa State Historical Society Digital Archives
Iowa Heritage Digital Collections
ID Idaho State Historical Society Digital Collections
IL Illinois Digital Archives
Explorie Illinois: Illinois Digital Archives
IN Indiana Memory
KS Kansas Historical Society State Archives
KY Kentucky Digital Library
LA LOUISiana Digital Library
LDMA (Louisiana Digital Media Archive)
MA Digital Commonwealth: Massachusetts Collections Online
Massachusetts Boards of Library Commissioners Digital Collections
MD Maryland Historical Society Online Collections
Archives of Maryland Online
ME Maine Memory Network
MI Seeking Michigan
MN Minnesota Digital Library
MO Missouri Digital Heritage
MS Mississippi Department of Archives and History: Digital Archives
MT Montana Memory Project
NC North Carolina Digital Collections
North Carolina Exploring Cultural Heritage Online
North Carolina’s Digital Collections
ND State Historical Society of North Dakota Digital Resources
NE Virtual Exhibits of the Nebraska State Historical Society
NJ New Jersey Digital Highway
NM New Mexico State Library Digital Archive
NV Nevada Statewide Digital Initiative
NY New York Heritage Digital Collections
New York Department of Records Photo Gallery
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
OH Ohio Memory
OK Oklahoma Digital Prairie
OR Oregon Digital Library Project
PA Digital Collections at the State Library of Pennsylvania
Historical Society of Pennsylvania Digital Library
RI State of Rhode Island Virtual Archives
SC South Carolina Digital Library
SD South Dakota State Historical Society Digital Archives
Digital Library of South Dakota
TN Tennessee State Library and Archives: Digital Collections
Volunteer Voices
TX Northeast Texas Digital Collections
UT Digital Utah
VA Virginia Memory
VT Vermont Folklife Center
WI State of Wisconsin Collection
WV West Virginia Division of Culture and History Online Exhibits
WY Wyoming Memory

Table 2, Multi-State Digital Portals

States Resource Website
CO, NM, WY Rocky Mountain Online Archive
IL, IN Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Gallery
MN, ND Digital Horizons: A Plains Media Resource
UT, NV, ID, AZ, HI Mountain West Digital Library
Various Digital Public Library of America

Update: Corrected links to the Vermont Folklife Center and the Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Gallery.

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